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Shower Water Filters

Model:SHF-10 - A chlorine shower filter cartridge specifically designed to work with your existing shower head. This shower water filter provides high quality reduction of Chlorine absorption through the skin and Chlorine vapor inhalation.

Shower Water filter

Shower Water filterShower Water filterShower Water filter

Shower Water Filters Technical Details:


1. Standard 1/2in NPT threaded openings

2. 90% KDF Media (copper zinc alloy)&10% GAC

3. Also Available in massage shower head

4. High gloss, porcelain-like finish

5. Attaches easily to shower pipe


1. Nominal Micron Rating: 20 micron

2. Approx Gallon Life: 10,000 gallons

3. Min/Max Temperature: 40-120 F (4.4-48.8 C)

4. Max Flow Rate: 2.5gpm

5. Min/Max Pressure: 20-125 psi

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