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Cixi Waterhoh Water Filtration,Inc.

Sediment Water Filters Replacement Cartridges

PP Melt Blown Depth water filter Cartridges is a unique depth filters produced with pure Polypropylene resin, which meets the requirement of the FDA Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations 177.1520 for direct and indirect food contact. Melt Blown Depth Filter Cartridges take advantage of our innovated continuous multi-extruded technology and the latest melt blowing micro-fiber technology.

The Melt blown micro-fiber is self-bonded and formed a 3D pore structure. Diameter and density of micro-fiber can be varying from inner to outer of the filter diameter. Melt Blown Depth water filter Cartridges is designed to have continuously graded pore structure provide both pre-filtration and final-filtration.

Sediment water filter replacement cartridge

  • High contaminant holding capacity
  • Longer life service
  • Low pressure drop
  • Micro straining melt-blown filtration fiber, high removal rating
  • Strong Construction
  • PP series cartridges, self-bonded with no chemical binder.
  • Multi-Layer structure (fibers fineness varying from inner to outer of the filter.)
  •  Cartridges structure and progressively loose from inside to outside, so the cartridges contaminant catching capacity increased and the lifetime is prolonged.
  • PP Series Safety
  • F.D.A compliant
  • hemical resistance: 100% polypropylene for compatibility with
    a wide range of process fluids, and good chemical resistance acidc.
  • Pre-filter of drinking water treatment system
  • Pre-filter of reverse osmosis system and others water filter system
  • Oil removal industry
  • Food and beverages industry
  • Photographic industry
  • Pharmacy industry
  • Electroplating, etching and image development processes in PCB industry.
  • Filtration of electroplating fluid in conventional electroplating industry.
  • Pre-filter of DI & RO water filtration system for industry.
  • Filtration of media & low viscosity fluids of chemical.
  • Filtration of water for manufacturing processes and recycled water.
OPERATION CONDITIONS Maximum Operation Pressure Drop 21°C=5.0Kg/cm2
MATERIALS 100% polypropylene, melt-blown thermal bond fiber.
SPECIFICATIONS nominal 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100 micron
SPECIFICATION Inner diameter : 28mm,30mm;Outer diameter : 40mm~115mm;Length : 125mm~1270mm

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