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Welcome to Ningbo FreeWater Filtration,Inc and thank you for looking at our Website! We are primarily aFilter Specialist manufacturer for all types of water treatment products.

Ningbo Free Water filtration, Inc. is a progressive company with over 10 years of combined experience in manufacturing and marketing water filter products worldwide.

Our products include:drinking water filter reverse osmosis system, undersink and countertop water filters, shower water filters,whole house filter systems, replacement filter cartridge, POU systems; UV systems;quality faucets;diverter valve; plastic housings; stainless steel housings;bag housings,Quick fittings,jaco fittings;etc ......

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Reverse osmosis system Reverse osmosis system

5 stages reverse osmosis water filter system makes ultra fresh and delicious water,It is right at home for drinking, cooking, ice & coffee making, baby-formula, pet feeding,beauty washing, dietary/medical uses,and precious plants watering.
Countertop water filter Countertop water filter

The countertop water filter series is made of AS and ABS,They are suitable for the family,hotel and restaurant use. You can choose proper water filter cartridge proper water filter cartridge can remove odor,Smell,color, and even organic chemicals.
Water filter cartridgeWater filter cartridge

String wound water filter cartridges offer true depth filtration with high dirt holding capacity and extremely low media migration. It is manufactured using a high speed, continuous wind process which creates a superior one-piece
Water filter faucet Water filter faucet

A series of water dispensing faucets for point-of-use potable water filters. Lever depression initiates flow with spring return.Upward action allows continuous flow with manual return. Airgap faucet use with reverse osmosis water filter system where plumbing codes require brine flow to through ab air gap.
Water filter supply and valve Water filter supply and valve

There are different Water filter supply and valve supply for your reference. It makes installation easy.Diverter Valves can connect to the kitchen faucet and allow water to flow to a countertop filter.
Water filter connector Water filter connector

Jaco compression water filter fittings are designed with a molded in-tube sleeve as an integral part of the nut,eliminating the need for a two piece assembly,and are manufactured with fda and nsf listed nylon.
Water dispenser & cooler Water dispenser & cooler

Water dispenser & Coolers System are Advanced, attractive and durable.We sell water coolers to a wide range of customers throughout the world from offices to schools to customers in the home.
Water softener Water softener

Water Softeners are used to treat hard water.They work by replacing the calcium and magnesium in the water with sodium, They may also remove a small amount of iron or manganese Water Softener and water filter systems deliver clean delicious water to your entire house

Welcome to Waterhoh Water Filtration,Inc,Our products include:drinking water filters,reverse osmosis system,undersink and countertop water Filters, shower water Filters,whole house filters systems, replacement filters cartridges. thank you for looking at our Website......